Local Budgetary Audit Directorate

Objective: To manage and supervise financial and accounting audit of local budgetary entities and operational affairs of the Directorate as per the laws and audit standards.

Job Responsibilities:

Design and prepare annual audit plan of the Directorate and submit it to Directorate of Policy & Plan to consolidate to the general plan and taking the approval.

1.Control, supervise, maintain and review all documents and audit findings from local budgetary units to ensure the improvement of the work in accordance with audit standards.

2.Make decisions and recommendations about recognizing auditable issues and their value in local budgetary units and give required guidance to regional audit offices to implement the office programs.

3.Manage, guide and organize audit teams as per the audit plan to ensure timely show up of the auditors on related affairs.

4.Dispatch the auditors timely to construction, performance, environmental and other areas when required to regional offices to conduct  audit on financial, accounting, construction affairs, environmental, and performance affairs of local budgetary units.

5.Establish an effective mechanism in analyzing and consolidating the reports, prepare guidelines to auditors, distribute authorization letter and to send the audit results to audited entities to implement the expected goals of SAO.

6.Review and approve audit reports of the auditors to ensure accuracy of the reports

7.Make required decisions about recognized violations in audited entities after approval of Auditor General.

8.Recommend approaches and methods for the state of recommendations follow ups that had to be implemented by the audited entity to ensure their implementations.

9.Maintain a progressive relationship with Directorate of Regional Audit Offices to coordinate the audit affairs.

10.Present effective advice regarding designing, extending and implementing the SAO policies and plans to achieve the SAO objectives.

11.  Perform any other tasks assigned by senior management as per the laws and regulations.