Human Resource Directorate

Objective: To manage, lead, control and plan HR related activities for improving the  SAO systems according to the relevant laws and procedures.

Job responsibilities:

1. Draft the work plan for HR directorate in accordance with the SAO objectives and programs.

2.Draft and implement constructive goals and effective activities to develop and strengthen human resource department.

3.Manage the relevant staff to ensure fair recruitment, motivation, development and training.

4.Monitor the implementation process of HR strategies and policies in SAO to achieve SAO long-term goals.

5. Draft the organizational structure and share it with Independent Administrative Reforms and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) to ensure IARCSC objectives have been considered.

6.Manage the nature of work and work load in the relevant units, and identify and suggest the budget requirement according to SAO annual plan.

7.Maintain relationships with IARCSC, Tax Department, Work and Social Affairs Department and other organizations regarding the relevant HR policies and guidelines.

8. Draft and develop HR required training plans for capacity building of the staff.

9. Monitor and draft the suggestions for hiring, shifting, termination, retirement, promotion, distribution, employment records, resignation and firing of the staff to ensure administrative welfare, immunity, discipline and to take action for achieving the objectives.

10.Monitor and participate in the annual appraisal program and competitive recruitment process of the staff to ensure transparency of the process.

11.Any other tasks submitted by the authorities according the law and relevant objectives.