Finance and Admin Directorate

Objective: To manage, lead and supervise the financial and administrative affairs, procurement affairs, technology and implementation of SAO’s financial policies.

Duties and responsibilities:

1.Draft the work plan for the directorate of finance and administration in accordance with SAO’s general plan for solidarity of financial and administration affairs.

2.Control, supervise and review financial and administrative documents, procurement contracts, reports and other finance related documents to regulate financial and administrative affairs, prevent violations and establish transparency in related affairs.

3.Present the required recommendation regarding financial requirements of SAO based on the annual plan in order to approve the office budget.

4.Establish a mechanism for taking the financial allotments, draft the budget based on the programs according to the budget guidelines, and evaluate the basic and development budgets to consolidate and submit them to the Auditor General.

5.Manage, supervise and guide the staff based on financial and administrative plans and policies to implement and realize the SAO objectives and programs.

6.Control the transactions, salary payments, overtime allowances and other expenses to ensure the accuracy.

7.Ensure timely and effective administrative services from all relevant departments to ensure the effective implementation of related affairs.

8.Determine the financial situation of SAO through review, approval and finalizing the monthly and annual financial reports, and identify the probability of profit and loss of the related departments based on the key metrics.

9.Provide professional advice draft, expansion, and implementation of SAO strategic plan to assure achieving the objective and programs.

10.Maintain relationship with other departments of SAO to ensure better coordination and effectiveness of the performances.

11.Any other tasks submitted by the authorities according the law and relevant objectives.