Information Technology Department

Objective: To manage and supervise the development process of software, hardware, database, and SAO servers in order to provide better IT services.

Job Responsibilities:

1.Draft the work plan for IT department aimed at providing improved IT services.

2.Monitor and guide and related staff to enable them provide better IT services.

3.Develop and update the websites in SAO departments to enable the staff to effectively and vastly utilize the IT facilities.

4.Equip SAO offices with IT system and respond to the IT requirements of the staff in order to facilitate the work and help the staff simply use IT services.

5.Identify the office requirements e.g. cartridge, and copier and their distribution based on the existing norms to prevent work delay in the daily performances of the staff.

6.Monitor and control the servers and provide professional advice to the relevant managers regarding how to prevent the misuses and taking required decisions regarding how to overcome the defects and pursuing SAO goals.

7.Ensure keeping activated the hardware, software, internet network and website.

8.Provide training courses in coordination with HR training and development department aimed for capacity building of SAO staff in IT field.

9.Manage and supervise the relevant staff and ensure their transparent recruitment, motivation, and training.

10.Perform any other tasks submitted by the authorities according the law and relevant objectives.