Information and Public Communication Department

Purpose of Job: Manage, lead and supervise the information and communication affairs to achieve the office goals and policies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Prepare work plan in accordance with general plan affairs to achieve the office goals.

2.Arrange conferences, meetings, and awareness campaign to reflect the SAO operations in media.

3.Manage and supervise the implementation of information and communication strategies to achieve the office goals.

4.Make decisions and required actions about broadcasting and publishing the events and corruptions in governmental entities through media to aware the public about the audit results.

5.Supervise the publishing process of gazzets, magazine, brochures and other advertisement activities of SAO to ensure the quality.

6.Provide constructive and useful comments and recommendation about designing publishing policies to ensure the better implementation of policies.

7.Maintain relations with internal and external publishing entities to ensure on time publishing of the events.

8.Provide required actions to advertise and promote the SAO goals in capital and other provinces.

9.Provide constructive recommendations and comments about SAO website through publishing news, and SAO events.

10.Perform other related tasks assigned by Auditor General in accordance with laws and regulations.