Foreign Relation Department


1.Manage and facilitate the scholarships addressed directly by the Auditor General.

2.Facilitate the affairs related to the programs received by the Auditor General from abroad including drafting the suggestions to the presidential office.

3.Demand the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for issuing the passports for the candidates of trainings, workshops, seminars, and conferences abroad combined with demanding visa from the related embassies.

4.Maintain relationships with Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI).

5Demand passport and visa issuance for personal travel of the SAO staff within the department’s legal framework after approval of the SAO authority.

6.Issuance of the Supreme Audit Institutions for transfer of SAO annual membership fee to the admin and finance department.

7.Facilitate the international advisors’ affairs e. g. demand entrance/multiple travel permit visa for them.

8.Demand work permit for the international advisors after their arrival and approval of the SAO authority based on the documents and renewal of their work permits through the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled.

9.Facilitate the affairs related issuing the passport and visa for the auditor assigned to audit Afghan embassies abroad.