Department of Environment and Performance Audit

Environment Audit aims sound and intact environment protection, supporting the process of environment audit, identification of the problems, find out solutions, and provide facilities to pave the way better environment protection related services to the people combined with presenting corrective recommendation and guidance. Following is the baseline for activities of this department:

1.Review the role and effectiveness of Provincial Environment Directorates (PED) regarding protection of an intact environment and execution of Environment Protection Law.  

2.Assess the role of the related environment related entities in implementation of the policies.

3.Review the state of providing environmental services by the agriculture and health related departments.

4.Examine the activities of the PEDs in coordination with other related departments to prevent import of low-quality oil.

5.Inspect public and private hospitals to ensure sound environment protection.

6.Audit role of the relevant provincial authorities concerning environment protection.

7.Assess the key challenges related to the environment and the public awareness programs.

8.Inspect the greenery and verdure state of provinces; state of the parks, the planted plants, and the causes for destruction of the planted plants.

9.Review the cleaning plan of the municipalities and how the garbage and wastes are being transferred away.

10.Review of the forests conditions, forest rehabilitation, and the role of related organizations.

11.Review the situation of wild animals and birds combined with the cultural and historical entities.

12.Figure out the preventive measures taken for radiation of the harmful and fatal gas in the factories.

13.Assess the stats of unplanned built buildings, drinking water, canalization system and the problems arising to endanger the environment.

14.Audit the septic wells, Slaughterhouses, markets, hotels and other entities causing harm to the environment.

15.Review existence of the programs for reduction of air pollution based on the Afghanistan National Development Strategy in the related organizations.

16.Review how the decisions made by the emergency committee and coordination committee regarding the air contamination are executed.

17.Review the state of the national environment protection directorate relationships with the Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA) regarding how to prevent the items causing harm to the environment.