Internal Audit and Quality Control Directorate

Objective: To manage and lead the quality control system of SAO audits and to audit the performances of other technical and administrative departments. 

Job Responsibilities:

1.Draft the annual plan for controlling the Independent Departments’ internal systems by the internal audit and quality control department, and submitting it to the policy and planning directorate for its inclusion in SAO general plan and taking approval.

2.Demand the annual plans of internal audit departments to establish coordination in audits and prevent interference in the audit procedures.

3.Audit the activities nature and performance effectiveness of SAO sector related directorates based on the reports presented by the assigned audit groups to ensure quality and standard-based completion of audits.

4.Provide methodic guidance to the internal audit departments of the ministries and other organizations and maintain relationships with them to improve quality of their performances in coordination with SAO.

5.Provide information and reports to the Auditor General and to the policy and planning directorate regarding audit findings after their final analysis.

6.Audit and review the compliance of audit laws, procedures and standards by the auditors of sector-related departments during their duties to ensure quality of their performance, and find out volume and value of the services in audit assignments of the ministries and public organizations.

7.Assess the auditors’ performances in the ministries and public organizations and provide constructive advice and suggestion regarding effective and quality improvement in the performance and audits to ensure implementation of the plans.

8.Conduct internal system quality control to enhance effectiveness and quality in SAO performances.

9.Manage relevant staff performance and consider reformative recommendation based on the audit findings in the ministries and organizations. 

10.Provide advice to SAO in order to fortify the relevant objectives and programs.

11.Identify and suggest the budget requirements of the directorate based on the annual plan and submitting it to the admin and finance directorate for accumulation in the general budget.

12.Control other activities such as plans of SAO directors, SAO management approvals, decisions of the government authorities, SAO recommendations and any other tasks submitted by the authorities according the law and relevant objectives.