Construction Affairs Audit Directorate

During in audit of constructing and reconstruction projects (construction of dams, canals, roads, tunnels, bridges and etc.) in view of the terms of contract and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the construction affairs, following steps must be considered:

  • Control the existence of maps, estimated assessment of contracts, compliance with the approval procedures, and publishing and announcement of contracts.
  • Control the correctness of determined quantities of used materials in estimated assessment and in implementation process and the correctness of prices during exchanges.
  • Control the implementation of commitments for performing construction, reconstruction, and painting work within the due date.
  • Control the compliance of the initial maps and estimated assessments with the second ones and further evaluation of its causes and legitimacy in case there is no full compliance between them.
  • Control the compliance of the real volume of the work performed with the determined volumes in second estimated assessment. This kind of inspection shall be conducted through using of test measurements.
  • Control the compliance of existing payment terms in the contract among the contractor, the client, and the government (tax payment, Sukuk and other payments).
  • Control and evaluate the quality and quantity of performed work to be in accordance with the standards and compliance of the existing prices with the approved prices.
  • Control implementation of construction norms and regulation throughout out the process.