Organizations and Enterprises Audit Directorate


1. Support the interest of public by auditing and controlling the operations of enterprises, institutions and public companies based on international audit criteria and Afghanistan policies.

2.Directorate of enterprises and institutions audit has the responsibility of controlling and auditing to insure the preparation and implementation of financial and economical plans of enterprises, institutions and public companies.

3.Liaise between the directorate and audit office, coordinating with directorates and attracting more qualified auditors and staff for better operation

4.Preparing and planning internal tasks division and supervising the staff in implementing the operations.

5.Assessing the auditable and controllable areas and auditing the enterprises and public companies with help of auditors.

6.Analyzing and reviewing the correspondence and decisions of relevant authorities.

7.Reviewing reports of the audited entities based on approved plan.

8.Searching entities that requires audit.

9.Preparing the accumulated annual plan of enterprises, institutions and public companies in capital and provinces.

10.On time notifying of SAO from any violations of the entities which is proved by auditors.

11.Ceasing the illegal operations in audited entities after the approval of Auditor General.

12.Reporting the criminal and legal violations to Attorney General after analysis.

13.Offer constructive and specific suggestions for better operation to management.