Policy and Plan Directorate

Key Duties of Policy and Planning Directorate

Objective: To manage and lead drafting and developing policies accumulated audit plans, implementation of plans and policies, reporting and managing auditors’ assignments.

Job Responsibilities:

1.Draft annual work plan for policy and planning directorate and present them to the Auditor General for approval.

2.Manage and monitor the development and implementation process of the plans and policies in SAO to ensure effectiveness of the implementation policies and plans in the affairs related to the audit of the government budgetary and non-budgetary units. 

3.Present annual accumulated audit plan of SAO directorates and departments to the board meeting and sending them for implementation to the relevant units after approval.

4.Manage and assign the audit group to the auditing units in coordination with the relevant committee and notifying the departments about starting the audit affairs in the relevant departments according to the plan.

5.Monitor the accumulated report preparation, and analyzed audit findings sent by the directorates and departments.

6.Draft, identify and expand the value of audit plans according to the audit standards for achieving the objectives and implementing of the SAO programs.

7.Present information regarding the audit findings to SAO quarterly for publication and release of SAO achievements in the country.

8.Provide expert advice in developing SAO objectives and programs in implementation of the policies, and government objectives for creation of transparency in their accounting and financial affairs of the public properties.

9.Maintain relationships with other departments of SAO, with an aim to improve coordination for better implementation of SAO policies and plans.   

10.Identify and suggest the budget requirement of the directorate according to the annual work plan and present it to the administrative and financial deputy Auditor General for inclusion of it in the accumulated budget proposal of SAO.

11.Any other tasks submitted by the authorities according the law and relevant objectives.