Qatia Account Audit and Relation with Parliament Department

Objective: Management and leadership of operational affairs of relevant department to achieve determined goals in accordance with law.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preparing of monthly, quarterly and annual plans of relevant department and representing of it to Directorate of Plan and Policy for consolidation and approval.
  • Managing and evaluating of all affairs of Department of Qatia Account Audit
  • Conducting proactive actions for auditing of Qatia Account
  • Keeping continuous relation with Ministry of Finance (MoF) and other budgetary units to access and audit Qatia Account on reasonable time
  • Participating in Qatia Account audit and assists in preparation of Qatia Account audit findings report
  • Consulting useful advices for effectiveness of audit and expected objectives
  • Ensuring professional training for standardization of Qatia Account audit and audit findings report
  • Participating in discussions and meetings about drafting of Qatia audit findings report which are present to authorities and members of MoF and parliament, respectively
  • Performing of other duties which are assigned by authorities in accordance with laws, procedures and objectives