ASOSAI(Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions) is one of the Regional Groups of the 
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions(INTOSAI). Other Regional Groups are 

ASOSAI was established in 1979 with 11 members. The Membership of the ASOSAI consists of 
Charter Members, Members and Associate Members. Now membership has grown to 46 SAIs and 
Afghanistan is one of the member of ASOSAI.

During the 9th INTOSAI Congress in Lima, Peru in October 1977, the establishment of ASOSAI 
was proposed by Mr. Tantuico, Chairman of the SAI of the Philippines. In September 1978, 
the Heads of nine Asian SAIs, who attended a seminar which DSE (Deutsche Stiftung für Internationale 
Entwicklung, German Foundation for International Development) hosted in Berlin, West Germany, 
adopted and signed the Charter for ASOSAI.

In May 1979 the first Assembly and Governing Board meeting were held in New Delhi, India. At the 
Assembly, the Rules and Regulations of ASOSAI was approved.