Our Mission

Our Mission:

Our mission and duties:

  • Conduct audits on annual financial statement, annual Government Qatia statement and provide recommendations about it.
  • Execute audits on financial and accounting affairs particularly on compliance of revenue and expenditures in the organizations, enterprises and institutions.
  • Execut special audits in the organizations on the basis of presidential decree. 
  • Conduct audit and provide recommendation about financial statements and foreign aids which are spent through the Government budget.
  • Conduct audits on accounting and financial affairs of franchisee/branches of public enterprises abroad.
  • Audit the internal audit departments of the ministries and public organizations.
  • Conduct performance audit to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and economic aspects of the projects. 
  • Develop and promote environmental audit.
  • Ensure that the plans implementations have contributed to the economic, social and financial growth of the organizations.
  • Conduct audit in way that results in national development and socio-economic growth of free market.
  • Identify the deficiencies, shortcomings, and monetary discrepancies during audits and providing analytical conclusions for implementation and improvement of the performances in the relevant organizations.  
  • Identify embezzlements of public properties and forwarding them to the Attorney General Office.
  • Provide semi-annual consolidated reports on key findings in accounting and financial affairs of audited entities to the president office and National Assembly.  
  • Develop SAO capacity.
  • Prepare legal framework for SAO activities.
  • Expand the scope of SAO audits.
  • Develop and promote SAO international relationships and follow INTONSAI standards.
  • Provide methodic guidance to internal audit departments.
  • Provide recommendations about the adjustments on accounting and financial rules, procedures and mandates of audited entities to the relevant authority.