SAO Staff Receive Contracts Management Training

The National Procurement Authority Institute plans to train the procurement staff of the Government Entities on Contract management, Bid opening and Need Assessment. Mr. Emil Safi, in charge of coordination and implementation of training programs at the National Procurement Authority, who launched a training program for procurement staff at the Supreme Audit Office, on Wednesday 20, March 2019, Said that “the National Procurement Authority has considered to train Contracts management, Bid opening, procurement planning and need assessment for government entity based on a mechanism”. At this stage, the Contract management program shall be trained to the procurement staff of Supreme Audit Office.

He added, in this session the staff will receive training on both the nature of the contracts and the contrast between the contract and the project, at the same time we will focus on monitoring system of contract progression as well.

Mr. Safi said that the aim of conducting of such programs by the National Procurement Authority is that the system which is established by the National Procurement Authority is a system that monitors the progress of contracts and helps Procurement staff to know how to use this system. Or, in other words; a general information of the contracts, system and project are compiled in such a way that  Procurement staff can learn more in less time, and if they have any problems, their problems will be resolved.

The National Procurement Authority performs its tasks in accordance with the requirements of the entities, and this system is a new mechanism that is used in most countries of the world, therefore, this program has been compiled and used by the National Procurement Authority specialists. Recently twelve government entities are covered by this training program.