SAO professional DAG participates in 9th ACCA International meeting, Czech

MR. Sayed Mohammad Mahdi Haussini Supreme Audit Office Professional deputy auditor general attended in the 9th international meeting of ACCA (Association of certified chartered accountants) titled “International Public Sector Conference” held in Prague capital city of Czech Republic from 28th of February 2019 till 01st of March 2019.

Professional DAG said “ACCA international meeting was conducted by Czech Republic; the representatives of a number of Countries including Afghanistan Supreme Audit Office and Ministry of finance were invited in the meeting to participate in this three days meeting and share the achievements and challenges of financial Audit with them to seek solutions and cooperation for financial audit relevant affairs.    

According to Mr.Hussiani’s Statement the meeting was very vital for the public sectors that the representatives of the different countries discussed about various issues and at the beginning the Finance Deputy Minister of Czech Republic presented a presentation about the sensitiveness of public sector and the experiences gained during the past years and added “how can we develop economic policies relevant to public assets in a continues manner”. Similarly two ACCA members talked about the existence of gap in infrastructure section and presented a joint report with a Canadian organization which had challenges and questions in this regard.     

 He said that “In meeting auditor general of Tanzania, Jamaica, Nigeria and deputy auditor general of Pakistan SAI were participated and each of them discussed about their relation with ACCA, SAI‘s performance, public sector and the legal challenges and problems faced in public sector auditing and they replied to the questions of the participants as well. The core principles they emphasized on were to have financial independence, functional independence, financial resources independence but in some other areas vis-à-vis interference of execution branches in their performances they are facing problems” said Mr. Hussiani.

SAO Professional DAG added that “other topic was a presentation about the developing of a digital city which how can they digitalize and utilize it and use it in financial affairs Management. In fact a part of a pilot research and activities was presented to the participants which was about digital city and carried out by Canada in one of the cities.

Another issue which discussed about, was the global professionalization and how can  professional and vocational bodies collaborate and support each other and in fact they shall be cooperator to each other in a same way and angle. The World Bank Group and an international firm representatives delivered their presentations in this regard and replied to the questions as well.

In the last day of the meeting the participant discussed about the condition judicial institutions functioning against the money laundering and corruption and a couple of experiences were presented by the African representative and international integrity watch to the participants. the participants discussed on how can some people utilize the public assets and place the black money in different countries and organizations, furthermore they discussed on "what is the role of an auditor in this regard and how to behave with such matters and what will be the ACCA role that has professional knowledge? And if the Auditors/Accountants play their role accurately in recording, classifying and control of accounts so can they control the level of corruptions and financial crimes or not?    

Mr. Sayed Mohammad Mahdi Hussain SAO professional DAG said that “we had a discussion with ACCA public policy director, ACCA marketing director, ACCA chief executive officer and ACCA vice president at the side of this meeting and discussed that how SAO holds cooperation with ACCA in professional prospective. ACCA committed to cooperate in various fields and mentioned that they have capability of training in customs and if SAO demand for training its staff in this regards, after the needs assessment the SAO should share it with ACCA for providing the trainings.

According to professional DAG it was decided that after returning to Afghanistan, we will have an internal assessment to identify training needs and a bilateral cooperation will be started with ACCA in this regard.