SAO Celebrates International Women’s Day

Supreme Audit Office celebrated International Women’s Day with the participation of Admin &finance Deputy Auditor General Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Sherzad, Directors, Managers, and SAO female staff on Wednesday 12 March 2019.

In the ceremony, Mr. Sherzad said:” SAO management respects those mothers who have bravely endured a great deal of hardship and discomfort along with their families, society and government.

 “The women in our country obtained plenty of achievements with the support of the government in the last one and half decade. As the affairs related to women are included in national agenda and their rights are enshrined in law and official documents. Numerous women approached to decision making board and so we are proud of their increasing attempts to provide services and governing the state. SAO is committed to women rights and serving for all afghan women; particularly the female staff of SAO where we have a great deal of achievements last year.” He added.

Admin & finance DAG stated: “women support plan developed within SAO and we have significant achievements based on this plan such as; kindergarten, nursery for female staff‘s children and 11 female employees are recruited. Furthermore, SAO is committed to gender equality and is willing to increase the female staff to be balanced with male staff. We have ordered the Gender Unit to find and encourage the talented women to apply for SAO and become our partner.

He added that we have requested IARCSC to include the talented women among those who are sending to SAO. Based on developed plan we are seeking to protect women from being harassed and they shall be included in all committees, decisions, capacity building and other related affairs. We believe that women equal to men in respect of rights and capacity. Women in this entity proved that they surpassed the man and are able to have excellent exposure. SAO management is pledged to eliminate violence against women and want to ensure gender equality rights with the support of women in the future and hope to have many achievements regarding eliminating violence against women and making them able to be independent in economic, educational and cultural aspect.

An auditor of SAO, Najiba Amiri stated on position of women: “we are proud of being follower of a religion that allowed no difference between men and women toward perfection and maturity. The women are ready to cross the path toward perfection and we know many hero women cited in history such as; Malaly and Zarghona and there are many other women while Islam emerged. For instance, Bi Bi Khadeja and her daughter Fatima.

The Arab peninsula was occupied by misery when Fatima was born. On that time the female infanticide was a common phenomenon among the Arabs and the women were deprived of their heritage. But at the same time the daughter of Mohammad (PBUH) became noble women who were best partner for her husband, and kind mother for her children. She did wonderful performance along with her father and became ethic pattern and brought back the happiness to the families, she added, the women of our society are doing their tasks better than men in their routine activities with suffering all imposed challenges and raise sincere and servant man for society.

Gender Unit in charge, Mrs. Safoora Saman stated on importance of role of women in human history: “the first one who stand against dictatorship regime of Pharaoh was a woman, Asiyah, Pharoah’s wife not a man, the first one who miraculously generated  the Zam Zam water and drank of that was a women, Hajerah, not a man, the first one who converted to Islam and spent her property was a woman, Khadijah, not a man,  and first one who was martyred for the sake of Allah’s satisfaction was a woman, Bibi Somaya, and there is a surah in Quran which indicates the high position of women against Allah (SWT).

Shafiqa Jafari, another auditor of SAO in addition to celebrating women’s solidarity day, stated: “I am talking from the position of Malay, Rabia, Seemin and Frough. You were named daughter while you were born; the name its attraction is heartbreaking. Your girlie world is not meaningful with candle and doll and not with tear and charm. You are not weak and unable because your Allah (SWT) accepts you without violence, tearing doesn’t show your strength but the ability is your ghost. O woman, O the best creature of Allah (SWT)! You are better than any other creatures and your smile is related to Allah’s empyrean and you shall not surrender easily.

He added: "Only March 8 cannot prove your value to the world but you have involved in to all of history, but what does it mean in Afghanistan (eighth of March)? The land of torment, crushed, occupied. A country which is burned and devastated in the war and the victims are women in all its hard events, even in the name of freedom and democracy and women's rights, there was the greatest treason for the women.

The homeland, where the women are suffering in the name of religion and sometimes in the name of the Shari'a, and sometimes also in the tradition, from the most painful tragedies, and women must be rescued from this retrogressive condition.

Arzo Ahmedi another female staff, also spoke in a different lecture on the history and of the eighth of March (World Women's Solidarity Day), in which in 1908 in New York, the United States, at least 129 people were fighting for their rights; as a result of a fire at a factory the women were burned down and that day was lasting in the history of mankind, which is celebrated annually in most countries of the world, and this celebration is different in each country, in some countries the goal of the struggle is in the field of justice and inequality, and in some other countries it is symbolic But on this day in Afghanistan During the celebration, women in this country are still considered as the second generation.

Men are still looking at women as instruments. Men still think of women as property owners and consider women as their own goods. In Afghanistan's villages, there are still women violent. There are villages in remoted areas of Afghanistan that female do not even have the right to attend school. Have no right to study and go to college; do not have the right to work outside the home. There is still a dominant male position and patriarchal values and traditions existing in the villages, which put women in a very horrendous situation.

Arzoo Ahmadi said: women are still being forced into marriage in the country, and the girls are still giving as Baad compensation between families who have disputed, and when any of these women want to raise their voice the parts of their body are cut off, they have committed of suicide. There are worrisome statistics of this violence that many cases are not reflected in the media due to different reasons, this is really a regrettable situation. However, these cases should be evaluated and eliminated against women, and women should have the opportunity to find a peaceful and humane living environment. And this commemoration day of the solidarity of women in the world, as symbolic day anymore, and the government is obliged to punish the perpetrators of violence against women.