Second vice president introduces Mohammad Naeem Haqmal as Auditor General

The Second vice president Mohammad Sarwar Danish introduced Mr. Mohammad Naeem Haqmal as the new Auditor General of the Supreme Audit Office in a ceremony held with the participation of Mr. Abdul Subhan Rouf deputy of office of the president for policy, monitoring and audit, Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Sherzad Finance & Admin Deputy Auditor General of Supreme Audit Office, directors, managers, auditors and staff in conference hall of SAO on March 2, 2019.

First of all, Mr. Abdul Subhan Rauf read the decree of the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan regarding appointment of Mr.Mohammad Naeem Haqmal as the AG of SAO as follow:

“Based on paragraph 13, Article 64 of Afghanistan Constitution and paragraph 1, article 7 of Supreme Audit Office Law appointment of Mr. Mohammad Naiem Haqmal is approved as supreme audit office auditor general at a rank of outside grade”.
I wish him further success from the Almighty Allah in serving Afghanistan’s people.

Mr. Mujeeb ur Rahman Sherzad in addition to welcoming the delegates and participants attended to the ceremony admired Mr.Haqmal, the new AG of SAO as a young, active and sincere who can achieve significant achievements while doing his assigned task in SAO, and I would like to thank and appreciate the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for appointing Mr. Hamqmal as new AG of the SAO

Admin & finance Deputy Auditor General of SAO on behalf of the management and all SAO staff acknowledged the performances and executions of former Auditor General of SAO Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi. “Mr.Sharifi improved this entity from a miserable condition to the current situation we are witnessing and he is beloved in the hearth of each SAO staff. “He said.

Furthermore, he vouched his appointment as the new AG and assured him of the cooperation and collaboration of the management and the staff in all aspects of activity from Reform Process to Change and standardization.

As the highest institution of auditing financial and accounting affairs of the country, SAO has a long history of about one century.

Also, Mr. Sarwar Danish congrats the appointment of Mr.Haqmal as the new Auditor General of SAO and wished him success in his career.

 “we believe that Mr. Haqmal would be able to lead and manage the SAO in respect to his competency and various and long experience in accounting and financial affairs and here I have to thank Mr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi the former AG of the SAO who ruled the office for a long time and had spare no efforts in developing and improving the office.

 “In recent years we have been witnessing the positive and useful development in this entity, here once again I would like to thank these achievements on behalf of myself and the management of government” he said in his speech. Regarding the importance of the SAO he said: “SAO puts its impact on transparency of financial affairs of the three branches of the government (legislature, executive and judiciary) and recently establishing a Supreme Audit Office is a legal mechanism for assuring of accountability in all countries which has different names across the world but its main responsibility is the same as to audit financial affairs of the state.”

The vice president said that based on the provisions of legislative documents and transparency in accountability in accordance with the financial and accounting activities of government departments and other authorities that hold or use public fund or assets, safeguarding public assets through control and audit, ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and economic performance of other institutions that hold and / or use public funds, identify illegal activities, and other false financial, accounting and economic activities, and modification of deficiencies are the main purposes of the Supreme Audit Office.

The vice president emphasized that the Supreme Audit Office auditor general would pay close attention to these matters he also pointed out to the part of the work area of ​​the Supreme Audit Office, and said: "According to the law, all governmental entities should be audited at all three branches (judiciary, the legislature and the executive)." And there is no entity outside the jurisdiction of SAO. He also pointed out to the duties of the Supreme Audit Office's auditors, that each auditor of the SAO is obliged to perform his/her duties in a completely impartial and responsible manner and they should audit all documents, offices, financial statements, reports, securities, stamps, electronic information And all other relevant documents, accurately and identify financial and accounting misconducts and refer it to the Judicial authorities. Mr. Danish stated that the Supreme Audit Office has experienced many ups and downs over the years, but today it is a pleasure to have this office succeeded in an advanced stage of conscientiousness, accountability and empowerment, and to carry out its specialized and professional tasks.

Mohammad Naeem Haqamal, the Supreme Audit Office auditor general, also expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the National Unity Government for his appointment and, referring to the words of the vice president, said he is trying to maintain the position of this long-standing office, more than ever, and will work better in line with his responsibility. He also emphasized that acquiring the auditor general position is not a privilege, but a great responsibility for fulfilling the task and duty in favor of the country and people, and for this reason I promise to the people of Afghanistan that I struggle with commitment and honesty against corruption and I will remove the name of Afghanistan from the list of corrupted countries of the world. The Supreme Audit Office auditor general said that, considering the uncertain economic conditions of the world, the government is more obliged to provide information to the people of Afghanistan on spending public budget and to assure its stakeholders (office of the president, parliament and people) that the budget has been spent In line with its predetermined goals.

In his last words, Mohammad Naeem Haqaml, the Supreme Audit Office auditor general, said: "I assure my colleagues that I do not have ethnic, linguistic, provincial, regional relationships and group affiliation, and I will try to make the competencies and expertise of the staff in this Institution the basic Principle." He called on all staff of the Supreme Audit Office to work with the commitment and confidence as before. In the pursuit of the affairs, as they collaborated with Dr. Sharifi, they do not hesitate to cooperate and support me.

At the end of this glorious event, the vice president and fellow delegates and the leadership of SAO, accompanied the Supreme Audit Office auditor general to his work office.