Core Objectives of SAO Strategic Plan present to Auditors and Staff

Administrative and Finance Deputy Auditor General Mr. Mojeeb- ur-RahmanSherzad delivered a presentation on objective of SAO strategic plan for auditors and other staff in conference Hall on Dec 12, 2018.

He said: “the purpose of sharing this plan with the other staff is to inform them that in order to achieve the general objective of SAO, which policy shall be followed, which resources shall be sought and which approaches are considered as well as what are the activities to be done.

He further stated about the definitions and differences between plan, strategic plan and policy. Also he explained some points and issues regarding SAO strategic plan and FPIP plan which is a World Bank Funded project included in strategic plan of SAO.

“The SAO requires all staff understand, that what is SAO’s vision in the next 5 years, where are we now and where we will be after 5 years and which approaches shall be taken to achieve these goals, which activities shall be performed and which resources are needed for achieving desired goals.” He said.

Mr. Sherzad said: “currently in general SAO has one strategic and previously had a five-year strategic plan which was expired on 2017 and this SP is a continuation of the 2017 plan, this strategic plan which covers 2018-2022 and today its final version will be presented for you.”

“Later on wehad “PFMR” program from MoF that you are familiar with its name. Its first program was titled“PFMR 1” which was completed over the last years and the next program titled “PFMR 2” was launched and completed last year. Afterward, the NUG suggested the WB to change their program and implement them to strengthen the programs. Therefore, the PFMR 2 was replaced with “FPIP” program. SAO was included in previous programs and after completion of PFMR 2 it directly included in FPIP”. He said.

The project which implements the FPIP is called FSP and FPIP has a narrow line difference with SAO strategic plan. The Government is planning to unite and consolidate all the entities programs which focus on three following major areas;

  1. Reform activities
  2. Core activities
  3. Routine activities

He also said that generally you have to know that FPIP is part of SAO strategic plan and we are not having two plans. The entire development budget received by the SAO is through WB development budget.

“This budget covers most of our activities; e.g. grants audit, national and international advisor recruitment, companies hiring, capacity building programs you are involved in, abroad trip, procuring required items and performing activities of development buildings through development budget. Therefore, preparing, implementing and reporting of FPIP is a vital issue for SAO, otherwise, we will not be able utilize WB budget.” he stated.

Mr. Sherzad also added: “strategy itself is a long-term plan and usually strategic plan determines the goals and objectives, sources that support goals of strategy and activities that enable us to achieve the desired goals. In other words, determining the goals, allocating the resources and specifying the activities that lead us to achieve our goals and objectives is called strategic plan.