Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi and his Delegates Participate in 18th ECOSAI Training Committee meeting and 23th Governing Board Meeting

Auditor General Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sahrifi and his delegates Mr. Mohibullah Mohib Director of Municipalities Audit Directorate andsenior auditor of Local Budgetary Units Audit Directorate and Mr. Mahdi Mohseni participated in 18th ECOSAI Training Committee meeting  and 23th Governing Board Meeting held in Baku, Azerbaijan on Oct 9, 2018.

ECOSAI is the economic cooperation organization of supreme audit institutions and as well as a non-politic organization comprises of Southern- Central Asia Countries. This organization aims to develop professional relations, collaboration in effectiveness of SAIs performances, exchanging of expertise, sharing of improvements and seeking solutions for existed challenges of audit among the members by using INTOSAIstandards and capacity building of member countries through conducting training courses, workshops and developing to provide better services of public sector audit as well as improvement of member countries. The countries such as; Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are affiliated to the organization, which 5 members are designated as Governing Board Members. From these 5 members 1 who voluntarily holds the meeting will be assigned as head of the Board or Auditor General and the next member assigned as permanent Secretary General based on decision of assembly. These members also hold the membership of Governing Board.

In this meeting hold by ECOSAI board members in Baku, ECOSAI Secretary General and Pakistan Auditor General Mr. Javaid Jehangir presented the ECOSAI activities in 2017-2018 including printing of ECOSAI publication, signing of MoUs between the SAIs member, conducting training courses and preparing of training plan for 2018-2021.

In addition, he presented the reports on ECOSAI membership as regional member of ASOSAI discussed already on General Assembly of ASOSAI in Vietnam.

The Training Committee apart from the Governing Board Meeting was hold in which various issues were discussed regarding conducting of professional training programs, planned programs on 2018-2021which includes internal control audit, IT audit, implementation of INTOSAI Standards, financial statement and risk-based audit, judicial audit, crisis management audit, performance audit, procurement audit etc. Furthermore, Yusuf Zia member of Turkish Court of Accounts and ECOSAI Training Committee member delivered the information on statements of 2017 till Dec of 2018 and other issues to the rest of committee members.

 Training plan for 2019-2021 affirmed after discussion and presenting comments regarding the subjects and the committee members insisted on plan implementation. It was also decided that financial audit/based risk audit training will be held inside the country at SAO headquarter after 2019 presidential election.

The forthcoming regular assembly of ECOSAI will be held in 2019 at Astana, Kazakhstan decided in the meeting, and the periodic chairmanship well be chaired by Kazakhstan SAI.

Afghanistan Auditor General Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi presented hisstatement at the end of the meeting and expressed pleasure regarding his participation in 23rd Governing Board Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan. Mr. Sharifi thanked from Mr. Ahmad Bash Turkey Court of Account and chairman of ECOSAI governing board, Auditor General of Pakistan SAI Mr. Javaid Jahangir and ECOSAI general secretary and Mr. Vugar Gulmammadov Azerbaijan chairman of the chamber of accounts for hosting the ECOSAI meeting and organization of an effective and efficient program.

Beside his statement Dr. Sharifi, provided the information on draft of MoU with Tajikistan chamber of accounts for facilitating of improvement, promotion and development of cooperation frameworks on public sector audit and technical cooperation and its finalization in coming future. Mr.Sharifi pointed out on execution of peer audit considering the feasible political condition of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Auditor General, suggested from SAIs member  having sufficient professional skills in specified audit fields and audit types for introduction of one or two mentors for sharing of their  technical and professional experience with course participants. The training committee was suggested to work on the scheme.

Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifiand his delegates while participating in ECOSAI 23rd Governing Board Meeting visited Azerbaijan chairman of the chamber of accounts Mr. Vugar Gulmammadov, Auditor General of Pakistan SAI Mr. Javaid Jahangir, Mr. Ahmad Bash president of Turkey court of accounts andKazakhstan Auditor General Mr. Adel Qazi. In the meetings besides the exchanging of thoughts and professional experiences regarding audits, emphasized on continues cooperation of SAIs members on audit professionalization.

SAO is trying to actively participate in International Audit Accredited Institutions Assemblies, and get in its positions and roles among the international audit family and presently SAO holds well   prestige which participation of SAO high ranking delegates in ECOSAI assembly, which can be a clear example.