AG, MRRD, AGO and AIHRC RepresentativesHold Meeting on Security Issues

The security meeting was conducted with presence of Auditor General Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, Chief Executive of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Mr.Musa Mahmoodi, representatives from Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Attorney General Office and t Chief of Police for 6th districtat SAO headquarter on July 2, 2018.

At the meeting, firstly AG delivered his remarks on security of four governmental entities (Supreme Audit Office, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and Attorney General Office), located beside each other respectively and demanded the security organs to assist with the assigned security forces of these entities to keep the staff save from happening of any probable threats.

Also, representatives of other three entities presented their security plans and suggestions to 6th district chief of police and national security respectively. The Districts Chief of Police and National Security have shared their security plans aimed improving better situation in areas of their jurisdiction with the aforementioned representatives.

Furthermore, the officials of these security organs have committed to utilize their facilities and means for the purpose of keeping the staff in a safe situation and when required further facilities they would contact high security officials.

After the discussion between the officials of the civil and security organs the following decisions have been taken:

  1. First of all, a joint contact system shall be created between officials of SAO, AIHRC, MRRD, AGO, NSD6 and PD6.
  2. The security police officersand national security officers for 6th district assigned in the area shall control and monitor the dubious vehicles in related area in coordination with security officers of the entities.
  3. The road shall be closed by security forces in two times; morning and afternoon when the staff come to/leave out the office
  4. Monthly security meetings shall be held between these entities, police and national security districts and discuss on achievements, suggestions and new plans.
  5. Discussion shall be made on Kabul River Basin and the Institute located in east of the entities with Minister of Energy and Water. Also, a security check point shall be established in this area.
  6. In addition, a detection officer for the purpose of permanent controlling the area shall be assigned by PD6
  7. When the road is confined during the staff leaving the office, the assigned security officers of AGO shall permit the neighboring entities cars having vehicle card after their vehicles are identified. Otherwise no vehicles are allowed to pass the road.
  8. The plans and goals presented in this meeting shall be shared with National Security Council.