MoF and SAO signs MoU on Fiscal Performance Improvement Plan

Subsequent to previous meetings on Fiscal Performance Improvement Plan (FPIP) between Supreme Audit Office and Ministry of Finance here Mr. Mujeeb Ul Rahman Sherzad, Finance Deputy Auditor General and Mr. Mohammad Khalid Payanda, Deputy Minister of Finance for finance affairs signed a Memorandum of Understanding in this regard on June 11, 2018.

The MoU signed between two dignitaries will be valid for 5 years and has the following objectives:

  1. To effectively implement the FPIP and FSP in SAO to maintain the independence
  2. To be neutral and prevent the conflict of interest between SAO and MoF
  3. To develop, scrutinize and approve the plans, evaluation of the experts, allotment of resources and working relation of SAO with MoF and World Bank

The FSP and FPIP programs were launched in MoF on 2015 which covered all sections of the ministry including chief of staff directorate. To date, National Procurement Authority, AITI, Asan Khedmat are included in this program and SAO is supposed to be included in the current year 2018. Also the discussion has been made with Ministry of Public Work to be covered under this program.

However, FSP and FPIP require the cooperation of the donors to achieve reformation and capacity building of the governmental entities.