AG meets with Minister of MoIA

Auditor General, Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi, met Minister of Interior Affairs, Wais Ahmad Barmak in MoIA headquarter on June 10, 2018.

Firstly, Dr. Sharifi noted the aim of the meeting and delivered the information’s on performancemethodologies andmandate of the SAO to Mr. Barmak, adding experience and professional findings of this entity indicates the existence of financial corruption in governmententities in different levels. He further said we shall not forget to implement the laws and regulations in financial and accounting affairs to combat against this catastrophe because modern management requires more attention on internal controls. The AG presented several cases along with evidence and documentsperformed by the ministry of interior.

According to Article 13 of SAO act the AG has authority to audit operative budget. Since the MoIA spent its whole operative budget each year, the AG demanded the minister of interior affairs toexpend the budget with considering the transparency.

In the meeting, the Minister of Interior Affairsexpressed his gladness over the meeting with AG and appreciated the SAO performances and achievements in recent years. Mr. Barmak committed that he would spare no efforts to have a transparent financial and accounting affairs in the ministry particularly in auditing ofoperative budget. He added subsequent to his appointment as Minister of Interior Affairs this entity has witnessed huge and extended changes to ensure transparency and accountability in financial affairs and the operative budget has been expended as per its manuals.

The Minister of Interior Affairs added that in spite of plans and decisions taken in various aspects of the ministry still the performances have been facing with challenges.