SAO Conducts Nine Months Literacy Course for Service Workers

Supreme Audit Office has been trying to conduct professional training programs for its staff in different levels for the purpose of capacity building and performance quality enhancement. Therefore, based on to this policy and officialletter of Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy the service workers shall be covered under the literacy programs. SAO launched literacy course for service workerswho were deprived of literacy blessing on May26, 2018.

Mr.Mujub-ul-Rahman Shirzad SAO Finance and Administrative Deputy Auditor General during the course opening said:  “the policy of SAO and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan target is to train the Civil Servant in different levels to enable them to find their way of life in a better manner.”

“Neither SAO and nor the government have allocated any budget for this course but due to efforts and strives of HR Directorate and other colleagues this course has been conducted and will be run.”  He added.

Mr. Shirzad added the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) addressed all Muslims to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. So it is important for us to seek knowledge in every stage of our life and conditions and benefit ourselves from literacy blessing. He demanded the participant to get benefit of this opportunity and attendin the course regularly and seriously without any negligence and absenceto change their lives positively.

Mr. Sayed Abdullah Mosawi SAO training programs manager said: “This course is for nine months and will be conducted from 9-10 AM in each official day.They will be taught one book in the first six months and one bookin each three next months. The Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy will provide the books and SAO will appoint two teachers to handle the course.”

He added 35 service workers will participate in this course and will receive certificates after course completion from Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy.