SAO holds farewell ceremony for 9 retirees

SAO appreciated 9 retirees in a farewell ceremony held by participation of Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi Auditor General, Mr. Sayed Mohammad Hussiani Operational Deputy AG, Mr. Mujib-ul-Rahman Shirzad Admin and Finance Deputy AG, Directors, Managers and SAO staff on 15 May 2018.

In the ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi said: “How ever these employees have served SAO in capacity building and strengthen effectively but as the law followers we are obliged to act based on law provisions”. Auditor General discussed briefly on life course from childhood to school, higher educations, graduation, employment stages and serving to the public. Furthermore, he added after all life stages passed,the time for retirement would come which means not the retirees are unable to work anymore,but means the law proposes a tenure in which employees who served for a long period shall be retired and feel comfort.

Dr.Mohammad Sharif Sharifi appreciated work, services, honesty and commitment of the retirees and introduce each of them a pattern of patience and competence to other SAO staff.

 “Their respected life, dignity, greatness and earning legal incomeare due to their purity, honesty and transparent work. Those who earned illegal income their ego will never be comfort and would be the source of their world and hereafter mortification.”  He added.

Mr. Ghulam SarwarHashimi, former Director of Policy and Plan representing the retirees, stated: “however SAO experienced ups and downs history, due to individual performances has not been considered. But after the establishment of new government and the prominent endeavor of Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi and SAO staff achieved its independence back and is now the most equipped entity rather than other entities in the country performing on the basis of transparency and honesty.

The employees retired based on law provision are; Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Hashimi former plan and policy director, Mr. Mir Aqa Parwani analysis Manager of Central Budget Audit Directorate, Mr. Fiaz Mohammad Rawan Senior Auditor of Central Budget Audit Directorate, Mr. Assadullah field quality and control expert of Internal Audit and Quality and Control Directorate, Mr .Abdul Basir Senior auditor of Local Budget Audit Directorate, Mr. Aziz Ahmad Popal Senior Auditor of SOEs and Organizations Audit Directorate, Mr. Abdul WahabShokori Capacity Building Manager of HR Directorate, Mr.MohammadZarifKharoti Auditor of Central Budget Audit Directorate, and Mohammad Zia Driver of Central Budget Audit Directorate respectively

The ceremony ended with appreciating the retirees with bouquets of flowers and gifts by SAO management.