AG meets Deputy Minister of MoWA.

Auditor General, Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi met Admin and Finance Deputy Minister of Women Affairs, Ms. Nabila Musleh at SAO headquarter on May 7, 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to resolve raised problems inShahrara Garden.

In the meeting, theDeputy Minister of MoWA said: “till two years agothe Shahrara Garden was opened two days a week for familiesbut the other days was closed to be cleaned, irrigated and gardened by the services personals. After the SAO team audited the garden, recommended the Ministry of Women Affairs to keep the garden open all the week for households.”

“Since SAO audit team recommendation has been implemented, many families are being faced problems due to commuting of Kabul Women Affairs Directorate staff whose office is located inside the garden. So this issue led the visitor families of the garden to criticize on officials.” she added.

Mean while, Ms. Musleh stated: “annual financial budget of Ministry of Women Affairs are insufficient rather than other Ministries. Therefore, this entity has not enough funds to relocate the Women Affairs Directorate office to other places. In addition, the visitor women and households are feeling discomfort and disturbance. So they criticize on officials of the Ministry due to commuting of violence against women victims to Women Affairs Directorate in official days. Furthermore, lack of maintenance and gardening the green space of the garden is withering and shriveling the trees which cause huge damages rather than revenues.  Therefore, we kindly request SAO officials to permit the Ministry of Women Affairs to re-organize two days of visiting the garden plan for the second time. Because this can lead the maintenance and preservation personals to clean, irrigate and garden the green space”.

At the meeting, Dr. Mohammad Sharif Sharifiin addition to explanation on performance and duties of Supreme Audit Office added: “due to lack of parks and amusement places for women and households especially in Kabul, audit team has sincerely recommended the ministry to keep the garden open all days of the week which have economical bases. This entity is not aimed to create challenges but to elaborately solve emerged problems in relevant governmental entities.”

“If the MoWA is facing problems due to audit team recommendation, hence SAO would not prevent the ministry onorganizing of working affairs of Sharara Garden; they can develop and implement their plans as previous years.” He added.

In traditional society of Afghanistan, few parks and amusement places are devoted to women and many to men.  According to historic reports, this garden was founded under the name of Shahrara (Babur’s daughter) by Shahrbanoo, aunt of Zahir-ud Din Mohammad Babur, the founder and first emperor of Mughal dynasty in Indian subcontinent by the end of sixteenth century 

This garden was not named and noted over the decades until Amir Abdurrahman Khan reconstructed and renovated and made it as a reception place for his guests.

A number of significant Abdurrahman Khan Treaties with British Empire, especially Treaty of withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, had been signed in a palace inside this garden. The garden was named “Bagh-e-Zananah”(Garden for women only) in past decades which was not considered; even its ups and downs history was forgotten from minds of the people. But after the Post-Taliban Regime it grabbed the attention and received financial aids by some foreign institutions.