SAO officially introduces Admin and Finance Director

Mr. Hamidullah Faqiri who already passed the examination process for admin and finance director position through CBR was officially introduced by Amin and Finance Deputy Auditor General after approval of H.E President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and legal process onApril 10, 2018.

Mr.Mujib-ul-Rahman Shirzad Finance and Admin DAG said: Individuals will be recruited through CBR in different positions based on government program,professionalization of institutions and recruitment of professional and competent staff in key government positions and grades.

“SAO wants to recruit professional and competent individual in a competitive recruitment manner to solve SAO necessities in one side and keep them in their positions in the other side”. He said.

Finance and Admin DAG Added: “despite of challenges SAO conducted CBR program last yearand those who succeeded are currently doing their duties.

“The program continued to the current year and SAO announced 10 vacanciesand took the examination process in a transparent manner of which two candidates passed the exam out of which one succeeded in Herat Provincial Audit Director.But due to problem of document process hecould not get the position and Mr. Hamidullah Faqiri’s approval received at SAO after a long process on Monday” said Finance and Admin DAG.

Finance and Admin DAG congratulated Mr. Faqiriand said: “This position is not only a privilege butalso is a great responsibility against SAO and public. So try your best for SAO improvement and achievements and well-cooperation with colleagues and carry out your responsibilities successfully and warily. 

Mr.Faqiri, previously working as development budget manager, committed to spare no effort to carry out financial and other affairs of SAO.