Workshop on “Planning Based onNew Standards” held at SAO

The Admin and Finance Deputy Auditor General, Mr. Mujeeb-Ul-Rahman Shirzad conducted a one-day workshop on “usingnew standards in planning project and activities” to the SAO’s directors and managers on April 15, 2018.

Mr. Shirzad said that SAO staff has already taken several trainings in this regard, but the main purpose of this workshop is helping SAO officials to fully understand how to use new standards on planning their programs, projects, policies, strategies and other relevant issues. He pointed out that SAO works on its strategic plan on a 5-year plan for FPIP, and there might be some problems and difficulties occurring in this process. Therefore, we must know diverserelevant concepts, reach to a shared understanding and construct a common view in this regard.

He added that there are few common standards used in project management, particularly in planning as one of them is called Logic Model, whichis used for the purpose of project design using new standards. A logic model includes the following:

Input,one of the key instrument of the project, should be considered while planning project. Projects’ input includes 4Ms that are Manpower,Money, Moment and Materialand it isimpossible to execute a project without these inputs.

Activities, the second phase of Logic Model, that results into Output. Output is tangible, visible,and the end-results of the process.

The last step in a project implementation is the Outcome that are classified into short-term, mid-term and long-term outcomes.

  • Short-term outcomes can change knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Medium-term outcomes are achieved subsequent to the primary outcomes, and it brings changes in behavior, policies, and performances.
  • Long-term outcomes bring huge changes in people’s lives in a society or all over the country. Usuallythis is not measurable.

The Admin and Finance DAG said that if the SAO staff learn the new planning indicators properly, they are unlikely to face any problem in designing their projects and planning their activities.