IARCSC begins Training Need Assessment Program at SAO

To build capacity and identify staffs’ requirements, Civil Service Institute (CSI) of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Services Commission (IARCSC) began a Training Need Assessment (TNA) program in Supreme Audit Office (SAO) on 14 April,2018.

IARCSC- TNA Specialist, Ms. Friba Mia Qadari said that initially they will have a presentation on TNA to introduce SAO staffs, particularly the newly recruited employees with the concept and common objective of a the TNA. The previous training conducted to the SAO staff on how to fill special forms for identification of reputation, educational level are further actions taken for implementation and achieving objectives of this program, aimed tofind out how many staff require professional training based on their ToRs.

The trainings to be conducted for the staff on the basis of their ToRs and the TNA findings, shall be outlined and shared the staff to select one. They cannot select more than one training at a time as they may not be relevant to their ToR and will only waste the resources and time. Confirmation of the relevance of training with the ToR is mandatory by the direct supervisor of the employee.

This TNA program will also cover collection and recording of forms in the database. Subsequently, a detailed report will be draft and sent to SAO on reputation of the employee, selected training programs, and training selected by the need assessment officials. Once the programstarts in CSI, SAO and other government entities taken the TNA will be informed via relevant official letters to introduce their staff for perusing training programs.

Strategic Leadership Policy, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Procurement, Project Management, Communication Skills, Planning, and Dispute Resolution Management are the current management streams currently being taught in SSI of IARCSC, aimed at capacity building at various public entities.

The TNA program has been started since 2007 and has covered diversegovernment entities. These training programs are for 15days, 3months, and 14 months’ period and at the end of the programs the graduates will receive certificates that will be recorded in their service record file.